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making news in america this morning -- >> closing arguments. the casey anthony murder trial is set to go to the jury today. then extreme holiday weather. while authorities around the nation prep for high temperatures, many are looking for ways to escape the heat. capitol concert. after a dress rehearsal in washington, d.c., celebrities e ready for one of the nation's brightest shows. good morning. happy fourth of july. today, casey anthony's future will rest in the hands of her jury. three years after the 2-year-old daughter she's accused of murdering went missing. the endgame is finally here. >> it it delivered on the
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fireworks right down to the closing arguments. abc has the story. >> reporter: casey anthony broke down as prosecutors told the jury she suffocated her 2-year-old daughter with duct tape. she portrayed her as a party girl. >> she died because her mother decided that the lif that she wanted was more important. >> reporter: the defense said little caylee anthony drowned accidentally and casey's father dispose of the body but the judge ruled that the they can't bring up allegations that he molested his daughter. >> you hate her? if you think she's a lying, you'll start to look at this evidence in a different light. you'll start -- wait a minute. maybe i'm seeing something that's not there. >> reporter: tension in the courtroom was palpable at one point the defense called out the
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prosecution for laughing. >> this laughing guy right here. >> reporter: an irate judge halted the proceedings to allow both sides to review what was a blatant violation of the policy. >> i apologize. >> i also apologize for getting caught up in the moment as well. >> reporter: a stiff warning from the bench. >> if it happens again, the remedy will be exclusion of that participati further p participation. >> reporter: if convicted casey anthony could be sentenced to death. she also faces child abuse and manslaughter charges. we're now following developing story from baja, california, mexico, a boat had zblung an unconfirmed report
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says that everybody was unaccounted for. the former international monetary fund chief has been released from house arrest. >> >>. an allegation a source to the accuser's legal team told abc legal team is a complete fabrication. exxon and montana governor disagree on a oil spill. the spilled oil floated ten miles downstream. >> the governor said that the river flows through a lot of wild country. claims that exxon is guessing. it quickly detected the spill over the weekend and shut down the leaking pipeline. >> the animals that are there, we'll continue. prince william and kate wake up in canada's prince edward island this morning. >> the newlyweds have enjoyed an
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enthusiastic welcome. but a spot of protests. >> reporter: sunday morning arrival into quebec. this being the heart of french-speaking canada, a church service abroad ship, tricky. the central of the city was under tight control by police. antimonarch protesters were being challenged by police and escorted away. if there was any argument they were arrested. several demonstrators were allocated in an area some distance away. they came to the city hall. the welcome was unquestionably well. speaking in french really matters here. he thanked them for his patience with his accent.
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in the distance, protesters jeered. but in the square, william's words were well received. there are parts of canada and sections of canadian society which are not supportive of the crown. montreal, a small but noisy protest by people who believe the british royal family should not have a special position in canada. it was a counterpoint but not an interruption. william and kate were busy attending a cookery class. french cooking, of course. the newest royal couple is now monaco's prince albert and his bride, princess charlenene they were married on saturday. she wore an armani gown. among hundreds of guests were celebrities. >> stunning bride.
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also stunning reversal in thailand's politics. voters have delivered a sweeping victory to the president ousted. now his sister who leads his party is set to become the country's first female leader. it isn't clear how the military will react. the military is grooming a new type of commandnd to deal with domestic disasters like hurricane katrina. they would be able to lead both active duty and national guard troops. the change could save lives on a large scale in the event of a katrina-like disaster. wetter weather in the forecast, conditions have improved so much in new mexico, that thousands were able to go back to their los alamos homes in a week. >> officials now say that the massive fire was caused when a tree fell across power lines.
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you see all of the smoke still hanging around. taking a look at this morning's fourth of july weather. we have severe storms that can damp on the fireworks in tennessee and ohio valley. hazy and hot in dallas. northern plains could see thunderstorms and high winds. >> phoenix cool downs to 105. new york and boston are seasonable. dallas will have temperatures above 100 degrees. hotter than usual in colorado springs. and coming up -- after 39 years of service the last vietnam-era draftee finally retires. taking a look back at the end of an era of this hero. the weekend box office and much more coming up. [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens virginia,
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u.s. markets are closed today for the july 49 holiday. but last week was their best week in more than two years. the dow gained 246 points. last week's good news is having a positive effect overseas. tokyo's nikkei average rosee 94
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points. and in london the ftsee opened higher. japan's recovery from the natural disasters earlier this year could aid america economy. japanese manufacturing, the auto industry is almost back to normal. we should soon start seeing better jobs numbers possibly as the june jobs reports come out this week. other end of the economic ladder, paychecks for big bosses are heading back up again. the ceos of 200 top companies last year averaged almost $11 million per year, that's 23% more than the year before. compared to the average worker salary of just under $50,000. doesn't quite seem fair. >> it doesn't. really. rafael nadal wasn't the only loser at wimbledon this weekend, after 43 years, the tennis broadcast is leaving nbc and is reportedly going to espn. both espn and abc are owned by
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disney. no official con fir nation yet. a long-lost painting by leonardo da vincnc it's sa save your of the world, it shows jesus christ with one hand raised in a blessing. art expertrtsay it could fetch more than $200 million at auction. at the box office this weekend, the latest transformers film had the biggest domestic this transformers e sequel took in $97 million. and bad teacher was left back in third with $14 million. >> transformers, $100 million. that's inkraebl. very long movie. 2 1/2 hours. when we come back -- the extreme weather across the nation for this fourth of july holiday weekend. >> and a look at the men's final at the all england club.
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for the efficient absorption my body needs. citracal. ♪ americans serving overseas are taking part in an independence ceremony, this includes the soldiers here from the army's 101st airborne division. >> this particular group of soldiers were sent to afghanistan as part of the surge. for a look at morning road conditions on this holiday. flooding could cause problems on i-95 from d.c. into the carolinas. stormy along i-10 from houston to tallahassee. wet along i-90 in the dakotas. >> if you're flying, airport delays are possible, atlanta, miami, charlotte, memphis, st. louis, minneapolis, phoenix and las vegas. >> all over the place. lot of fireworks displays are canceled in the south and southwest this fourth of july >> the reason, hot, dry weather,
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which means potentially dangerous fire conditions. >> reporter: canceled fireworks displays. all made worse by murderous heat and drought. dangerous temps over 110 scorched the southwest. a record 118 in phoenix. the mississippi valley right up to chicago, where these misting units were set up. in the nation's capital, they cooled off in public pools. get this on crystal mountain in washingtoning state, so much snow pack this week, they're celebrating the summer's hottest holiday on skis. >> loft tank tops. sunglasses.
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people are having a great time. >> reporter: something they expect to have here in steamy south florida, they're working an more traditional celebration. >> the work is very hard. but hearing everyone cheer that makes it all worth well. >> reporter: matt gutman, abc news. a budget impasse shut down minnesota governor. the minnesota zoo will stay open for the fourth of july after its ceo convince adjudge it can operate without government money for now. near syracuse, new york a motorcycle rider died when he lost control of his bike and hit his head on the pavement. tragic irony, he was taking part in a rally aim at protesting helmet laws. he would have been alive had he been wearing a helmet. the u.s. army's losing a
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piece of its history. the last active soldier drafted during vietnam is now retiring. jeffrey mellinger was drafted in 1972. he thought that president nixon had personally written his notification letter. he was also the senior enlisted soldier in iraq and survived 27 roadside bombs. moving on the sports now, novak djokovic is now the number one ranked men's tennis player in the world. he takes over the top spot from rafael nadal the man he beat in the men's singles yesterday. >> what a game and what a finish. djokovic was already assured of the number ranking even before he won at the all england club. he's been a stellar year for the 24-year-old serb. a look at the rest of sunday sports highlights. for that we turn to espn's don
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bell. the final day of interleague play in baseball. yankees anan mets. jose reyes, out with an injury. bottom of the ninth, mets down, 2-1. pa paulino drives in a run. pena, gardner comes up throwing. lewis ya dudu, dead at the dish. bottom of the tenth. two on, two out. everybody is safe. bases loaded for the mets. next batter now it's pena. the mets win in walk-off fashion. 3-2 is your final score in 10. cliff lee and the phillies taking on the blue jace. bottom of the eighth. 4-3, phils. facing eric bann.
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next batter, jose bautista, get up and get gone. 27th home run of the season. the jays go ahead 5-4. two batters later, encarcion. jays go on to win it, 7-4. >> that will do it for this espn news update. i'm don bell. coming up next -- the stories that we'll be following later today. the nation marks its 235 birthday. >> that means it's time for the annual nathan's annual hot doll eating contest at coney island. we'll be right back. the stronger the rapids, the more we loved it. took some wild risks when i was young. but i was still taking a risk with my cholesterol. anyone with high cholesterol may be at increased risk of heart attack.
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now, a look aheadt the stories we'll be watching this monday. jurors in the casey anthony murder trial will get instructions from the judge and then begin deciding whether she's guilty of murdering her daughter. amanda knox, faces more legal challenges. she's trying to stop a distribution of a made for tv movie and her parents are in another courtroom for slander. americans everywhere will celebrate inpend ens day with pin nicks and parades.
4:24 am
today, gop presidential hopefuls will be marching in new hampshire and iowa. michele bachmann and newt gin grinch will be in iowa. 300 people are taking part in a citizenship ceremony in florida. the men and women will each have their own competition. the president of major league eating, it's because so many women wanted to take parts. coming up later on "good morning america" -- one of most dangerous sports in the world, free diving. that's diving into water as deep as possible on a single breath and completing a a race course. take on the the next level with profelling scooters.
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finally, one of the biggest parties takes place in washington, d.c., a star-studded concert is set for the capitol
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lawn tomorrow night. >> dress rehearsals were already under way on sunday. wjal in washington has more. >> welcome, america. >> reporter: even jimmy smitz this year's host is already anticipating the fireworks. the third-time host said that the chills he gets in the nation's capital on the fourth is unlike anything else. >> to think about what the founding fathers put forward when they first wrote that document and what it all means and when you see the young people that come from walter reed and bethesda, that have made sacrifices to keep those words potent in our minds it's justst- it puts it all in perspective for it. >> reporter: he's headlines the
4:29 am
tribute to america with special guests, steve martin and josh groban, morning others. it's the sweet sounds that brought his family up f f the weekend. >> to go to the concert on the fourth of july is insane not to do it. >> we heard a lot of good stuff about it. it's fun and exciting. >> it's wonderful. it's a great cultural thing to see. there's so much diversity and it's just overwhelming. >> reporter: for parents a little living history. for kids a chance for fun. >> i want to see the fireworks. >> reporter: how come? >> because i like the colors and how they explode in the sky. >> will be able to see fireworks from the studio? >> because we'll be working. we'll enjoy it with everybody else. that's what's making news in

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